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Real estate is often the biggest investment people make in their lives. It’s no wonder that people become passionate about their land and sometimes end up in boundary disputes with their neighbours. Settling boundary disputes is not easy, but it always starts with obtaining a Surveyor’s Real Property Report, or SRPR.

An SRPR is an official document that clearly outlines the location of boundaries for a specific property. A new survey can be conducted, but for the sake of a boundary dispute, a downloaded archived survey plan is more cost-effective and can sometimes suffice.

Finding a property survey online is as easy as searching the archives of a reputable firm in the industry. Simply input the address of the land in question and download the results for a nominal fee. Should there be no survey immediately available, it may be possible for a team of cadastral researchers to locate a copy in the private databases, which are open only to those in the industry. Once found, you’ll be contacted with the information required to obtain the land survey. It’s cheaper than a new survey and is more than enough to settle any boundary dispute!
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Settling boundary disputes in the GTA can be stressful. People are passionate about what they feel is theirs, and until it’s resolved, a boundary dispute can be a lengthy and emotional ordeal. If you happen to be looking for a solution to this type of situation or plan to avoid them altogether, a property survey is your best starting point.

New Survey or Boundary Stakeout

One option is to have a new survey or boundary stakeout performed. A team of trusted professionals will visit the land and take accurate measurements using specialized equipment. From there, the team will place official monuments (usually stakes) at the front of the property to make measuring easier for the land owner. New surveys give you the most current "view” of the property and usually cost upwards of $2,000.

Archived Solutions

Those living in the GTA are lucky enough to have access to a vast database of land surveys curated by leading survey firms in the area. Simply search the archives by inputting the address of the property sought and download the results for a nominal fee – usually 10-20% the cost of a new survey.
A boundary dispute can be an emotional and stressful experience. The key to working past the problem is to keep your cool, and remain objective. Always start with a Surveyor’s Real Property Report. No matter which strategy you choose, the document will clearly illustrate the exact location of the boundaries and help both sides add some objectivity to the discussions. 

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